Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camel Ride in Bahrain Desert

The Middle East is almost synonymous with oil, desert, Muslim traditions and camels.. yes camels. On one of my contracts in the Kingdom of Bahrain I went to the desert several times. It was only about 45 minutes drive from where I lived and local friends brought us their in the morning, afternoon and even on cold winter nights for desert barbeque. During one of my visits to the desert we saw this herd of camels and we approached it. The caretaker was kind enough to allow us to take a few pictures and I asked him if it would be possible to ride it for awhile. After a few dinars (Bahrain currency) of negotiation I was on the back of a camel in a desert in no time. The ride was short and I did not actually go anywhere... hahaha... just going in circles but it was fun and an experience. The location was at the Jebel Dukhan Desert in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

hi-ho camel away!!....
hmm.. I wonder why that Camel can't take that grin off his face