Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food Suggestions at Boracay

Ahh... aside from beaches, beautiful sceneries, music and wonderful people, one thing I do love is food! Here's a couple of suggestions try out when in Boracay Island.

Shakes over at Jonah's. This are the BEST shakes I ever had.. period! My preference is their Choco-Banana-Peanut Shake, may sound a bit weird, but your reactions will be weirder when you try it. Depending on the flavor, a shake would cost P50-80 roughly US$ 1-2. Jonah's is located at Station 1 in Boracay Island just beside Cocomangas.

Mango shake at Jonah's

Another suggestion would be lobsters at D Mall. I have allergies to seafood, particularly those with shells and eating lobsters were dangerous for me, luckily I brought along my anti-histamines. Even with taking anti-allergy medicine, I might still suffer a little, but what the heck, it's not too often that I get to eat lobsters beside the beach and they're as fresh as they can be. I don't remember well how much they cost and what particular restaurant we ate at, maybe because I did not pay for it..hehe...but it was at the D Mall just in front of Hobbit House. I guess food also has great part for any tourist travel destination. well for me that is. Anytime soon, I'll be heading to Boracay Island again and these two food suggestions surely won't be missed!