Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Peak Tram Hong Kong

I've been in Hong Kong for some time and I've heard a lot about The Peak, one of Hong Kong's popular tourist destinations, however I haven't really gone there. Just last July 12 (a Monday), our day off I decided to visit The Peak with Calay, my all around partner in life.

We took a taxi from Wan Chai and asked the driver to take us to The Peak's Tram Terminal. Although you could get there directly by taxi, we preferred using the tram which is not only historical but a unique experience as well. The Peak's Tram is actually one of the world's most popular and oldest funicular railway which rises to around 1,300 feet from sea level. The ascent is so steep that you could see the buildings at angles you've never seen before. I am particular not fond of heights and I am terrified with roller coaster rides and I felt like I was in one during that time. You could also feel and hear the weight of the tram giving pressure to the cables and the whole system it felt like it could break anytime and for awhile I felt scared. Then I saw little kids looking out the windows smiling and laughing, so I thought I made a fool of myself if I looked pale and uneasy... hahaha. I remained my composure, acted cool and enjoyed the ride. Calay was taking some videos and pictures but at the same time terrified and couldn't hide it. Scary or not, The Peak Tram ride was a great experience.

Once we got out of the Tram and Calay and I were at The Peak itself, it was a totally different experience. This is just a quick post and only about The Peak Tram but I'll write about our experience at The Peak on my next post. Check out these pictures.

Calay while waiting for the tram

There's the tram

Picture from http://www.theodora.com 

 That's me on top of The Peak Tower's Sky Terrace