Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sailing in Maldives

Working at one of the world's best travel destination surely has its benefits. At one time, my bandmate and I were invited by our Sri Lankan gym instructor to go island hopping using a sailboat called "catamaran". It is actually a boat made up of two separate hulls or floats with a mounted mast and a string net served as our platform. Never in my life did I go sailing nor am I a good swimmer so I was a bit scared, but still I went along. It was quite heavy navigating the catamaran and we had several turnovers, good thing we were wearing life vests. We went out after lunch at around 1pm and roamed the seas to the nearby islands for maybe around 5 hours. There were times when I couldn't see any land anymore, just open sea and it scared me to death but I acted cool. After a few hours, riding the catamaran and I was at ease, one with the sailboat and the waters. After that trip, I have never done it again but I plan to in the near future. It certainly is one of my most most unforgettable adventures in Maldives.

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