Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sky Terrace The Peak: Highest View Spot in Hong Kong

Officially, the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong is the Sky Terrace on top of the Peak Tower. It offers a 360 degree view of Hong Kong. Calay and I rode The Peak Tam at around 6pm and just arrived on top before the sun went down so we were able to enjoy seeing Hong Kong with daylight and at night at 428 meters above sea level. We got the Peak Tram Sky Pass Tickets with return at HK$56 each which included Tram ride back and forth and entry to the Sky Terrace.

At times, I feel claustrophobic when at the center of the cities in Hong Kong. There are too many people, buildings and everything is moving at a face pace. But everything looked and felt different from way up there at the Sky Terrace. Now wonder it's one of most popular and best travel destination of tourists when in Hong Kong.

 The first shot we took from Sky Terrace

That's Calay eavesdropping with the HK$5 per peep telescope

Trying the scope myself... hmm


That structure on the background that reminded me of the Noah's Arc is the Sky Terrace;
view from Spaghetti 360 at level two of  The Peak Galleria just across The Peak Tower

Discovery Channel Brand Logos - 120x60