Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hikawa Japanese Restaurant in Wan Chai

Yesterday was a Monday, our day off so me and Calay planned on roaming around once again in search of new places to go to within Hong Kong and to relax and unwind as well. We started out late because we felt we needed to have a long sleep after a week's work. Not knowing where to go, we went out at around 4:30pm and were very hungry so we just walked to see where we could eat at first. Over at Landale Street adjacent Johnston Road and very near Welcome Supermarket, we saw this Japanese restaurant named Hikawa. We couldn't see from the inside but from it's exterior it looks like it was designed with proper motif. Not knowing if it was too expensive for us or not, we went to its entrance and luckily there was a menu up front. We checked the prices and seemed reasonable so in we go.

The staff was very friendly and accommodated us well giving suggestions and explaining how each food item is prepared. We advised that almost 80% of what's on the menu is grilled or roasted. Upon taking our seats we were given tea which was good and had a nutty or sesame like flavor and along it some raw vegetables (cabbage and carrots). Upon looking at the menu for several minutes, finally we decided what to have:

Grilled Sea Shrimps
tasted good but shrimp size was small and serving was few

Beef Roll with Cheese
aaah !!! our favorite !
grilled just right, the beef was soft, juicy and just so tasty
upon taking a bite, the melted cheese would just ooze down your mouth

Japanese Sweet Potato, also grilled
as you can see, I took a bite before Calay was able to take the picture
much more tasty than the Philippine sweet potato and the texture finer

Grilled Soft Bone Chicken
it's both soft and crunchy at the same time
delicious but the serving was so small, looked like a bite size was spread over a stick

Pork Neck
still served small, after eating everything grilled there was a point when it 
seemed like everything tasted the same, still good though

Grilled Rice Ball
first time to try this
rice was sticky and had it's own unique flavor which I could not tell what
laid on sea weed which was supposed to be used to wrap it
mmm... different and tasty but not really exciting

Plum Wine
had that fine balance of sweet and sour taste

Hikawa Japanese Restaurant indeed represented the true nature and flavor of Japanese grilled food. Although the servings were too small for my appetite, the taste is superb. Our favorites from our order: the beef roll with cheese, Japanese sweet potato and the plum wine.

Aside from the friendly staff, we also liked the way the restaurant was presented in detail particularly the stone ware and condiments.

Our total bill amounted to HK$185... hmmm... not really cheap for our pockets considering the small servings, but if you are not after getting full up your neck (like I do most times) and just want to have that special Japanese grilled food taste up your palate, Hikawa Japanese Restaurant over at Landale Street Wan Chai Hong Kong is a great place to have it.

Calay strikes a pose from outside of Hikawa