Monday, August 2, 2010

Italian Lunch at the Heart of Wan Chai

Planet Earth Special is not just a showcase of beautiful places, but also about interesting cultures, people and of course... good food as well! Last Thursday (July 29, 2010), Calay and I were hungry (again) and wondering where to have late lunch. We didn't had time to prepare food at the house so we thought we should just go out. Just on the1st floor of the building where we live is an Italian restaurant called Jack's Terrazza Ristorante and we decided to eat there.

It was our third time over at Jack's Terrazza, first was when it was newly opened and we tried it out and second was when we were invited for a birthday party. Going back the third time of course meant that we definitely enjoyed eating there. We bot ordered set lunches. I had a combination of soup of the day, Ceasar's salad, Tiramisu cake and cappuccino while Calay had tomato and cheese salad, roasted lamb chops, tiramisu and cappuccino as well. Before that they served us freshly baked Italian bread and butter. I love the bread at Jack's, the outside part is a bit hard and crunchy while the inner parts are soft and tasty. Paired with butter and soup of the day, it's a perfect way to start a meal. Although I only ordered Ceasar's salad for my main, as always, I took portions from Calay's order..hehe..

We had to wait for sometime because the lamb chops had to be freshly cooked but it was worth waiting for. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of their soup of the day but it was thick, creamy, dark, very tasty and up to now I'm thinking what was in it? It actually resembled the sauce of "dinuguan", a native Filipino dish made out of pig's blood, intestines and meat... yup...  may not be a typical dish for everyone but an all-time Filipino favorite. Calay started on her tomato and cheese salad... well she started and I finished. hahaha!!

soup of the day

tomato and cheese salad

After we finished our starters, came my ceasar's salad and Calay's roasted lamb chops. At first, I thought I wasn't that hungry so I settled for a salad but upon seeing and smelling the lamb chops, I became more interested on her order than mine. True enough, it tasted as well as it looked and smelled.... tasty, soft and it's juiciness seeps to your palate.

roasted lamb chops

When we were done with Calay's mouth watering lamb chops and my ceasar's salad which was great as well, we both had a slice of Tiramisu cake. Tiramisu is actually of Italian origin and has become a very popular cake or dessert all over the world.

a small slice of Tiramisu to finish the set lunch meal

 Aside from the good food at Jack's Terrazza Ristorante, I particularly like the ambiance of the restaurant. I wouldn't say that it was overly decorated but it had a definite theme which is of course Italian and they even had some music which I think was Italian as well which complimented the restaurant and the food. One more thing that we loved was the courteous and kind staff of Jack's Terrazza Ristorante. They were so accommodating and I think it was the owner who approached us to ask if we enjoyed our meal. We also seated on a table with sofa like bench chairs hanging on ropes from the ceiling. It was actually a swing. Quiet hard to settle down at first because I couldn't resist swinging it while eating.

Our total bill less the discount amounted to around HK$150 only which is actually affordable for quality Italian set lunch meal. Jack's Terrazza Ristorante is located on the 1st floor of #37-39 Fenwick Street, David's House, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. When in Wan Chai and looking for a good meal or particularly craving for Italian food, Jack's Terrazza Ristorante offers affordable and quality food, certainly well recommended here at Planet Earth Special.

Calay clinging on to the rope of the swing chairs at 
Jack's Terrazza Ristorante while waiting for her order