Monday, August 9, 2010

Wan Chai Noodles

The first time I went to Hong Kong, a friend brought me to a noodle house in Wan Chai and during that visit it was the only noodle house I was able to eat at. When I settled with my band here in Hong Kong last year we literally roamed Wan Chai and ate at almost any noodle shop we could find. I'm an all time noodle lover and I try to look for the best noodles in town where I'm at. After eating at a lot of noodles houses in Wan Chai, I came to a conclusion, the first noodle house I ate at is the best, well at least to my taste.

It was already dawn and Monday and after a grueling set over at a local bar, Calay and I headed off to what to me was the best noodle restaurant in Wan Chai, the Chiu Hing Noodle House. Although, I have tried a lot of their varieties, my all-time favorite is hofan (white noodles) with beef paired with tung choi or kang-kong vegetable with their special sauce. I like to put chili-garlic oil to my noodles to add to that slight spiciness and boosts its taste as well.

 beef hofan noodle soup

tung choi (kang-kong) with salty seafood like flavored sauce

chili-garlic oil

that's me and Calay sharing a bowl of beef hofan noodles

the Ching Hing Noodles House menu

The Ching Hing Noodle House is located at Hennesy Road, almost corner of Luard Road in Wan Chai. It is located exactly opposite of the HSBC and besides a 7-11 store. This noodle house is open 24 hours a day. Our bill: HK$21 for the noodles and HK$7 for the tung choi (vegetable dish); although compared to prices in the Philippines and Thailand it is still expensive, in  Hong Kong it is cheap. We have been eating there for the past year and I think we'll keep on going there. For a two word description of the food they serve - Deliciously Addictive!