Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back in Bora

This is one of my most ideal posts! -- Ideal in the sense that while writing, I am situated by the beach, table under an umbrella, chocolate shake beside me, a view of the clear sea in front, beautiful women in small bikinis walking by, bright sunlight but not burning and soft sea breeze caressing my face and hair... I love it! ... Oh yes I forgot... also with Wi-Fi... .hehe...

Although I've been to Boracay Island in the Philippines numerous times, it's lure and the excitement it gives me when going there is still as fresh and strong as ever. For this season, I only had 4 days to go on vacation and the first plan was to go to Phuket, Thailand with a friend but since I needed to go to the Philippines as well, I thought it would be wiser to go straight to Boracay from Hong Kong. I also asked my family staying in Manila to fly to Boracay so we'd spend time together there fro a few days before I leave again for Hong Kong's busy city life.

I needed a break from the busy nightlife, music, parties and structures which is a daily part of life in Hong Kong and what better way to spend a few days off than on the beach. During this trip we ate at alot of restaurants on the island and engaged on some activities which I will be sharing on my next posts.

It's unfortunate that I can't post any pictures now because of an internal problem with the laptop I'm using which is not my personal. No time to fix it now so I guess pictures will just be posted when I arrive in Manila  or when back in Hong Kong. As for now, I'll be enjojing the sand and sun... cheers!