Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seafoods at Temple Street

If you're a visiting Hong Kong and want to experience the true taste of local seafoods, one of the best places to go to is at Temple Street in Jordan. This street transforms to an all-out night market at night (of course) and every other block there are restaurants that cook and serve fresh seafoods. The tables are actually situated outside the restaurant on the street itself and while you devour your food orders, passersby and shoppers could see you. It's just hard-core street food in Hong Kong at its best!

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from and we have tried several and have favored some. They have a long list of mostly seafood items on their menu but they also serve chicken, pork, beef and vegetables cooked in different ways. We usually go here every other week and we usually have a feast.

Calay on the side-street waiting for our order

These Temple Street seafood restaurants attract a lot of people both locals and tourists alike. You could see folks of different ethnicities just sitting down and enjoying their meals not minding the hundreds of people that pass by. The first times we went to Temple Street Jordan, our main purpose was to shop for cheap items on the night market and we were just seeing those seafood restaurants and looking at what the people were eating. You can't avoid not to look because if you're going through the market, you'll pass by these restaurants  almost every block.

Hungry and still waiting

On our last visit, Calay and I had Deep Fried Shrimps with Chili and Garlic, Tung Choi (Kang-kong), Yeung-Chow Fried Rice and Mixed Seafood Soup. Our order took around ten minutes to arrive which I think is pretty fast considering everything was fresh and had to be cooked. You'll even see the aquariums where your orders are still alive and kicking before they bring it out. Everything was cooked perfectly. the shells of the shrimps were crisp fried while the meat remained juicy and tasty and the loads of garlic added up the flavor. The Kang-kong and fried rice had just the right taste to compliment the other orders. The mixed seafood soup was serve hot and had fish meat, mussels, shrimps and others more which I don't really know and cared about at that time... I just wanted to eat them..hahaha.  Our total bill was roughly around HK$250 including drinks which is not bad.

Although Hong Kong has a lot of tourist destinations like Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak and others, when you really want to see local culture and taste local food, seafoods in particular, Temple Street at Jordan shouldn't be missed.

We started eating before we took photos, sorry about that..hehe