Thursday, October 14, 2010

Backtrack: Remembering Bandos Island in Maldives

I could still smell the sea and hear the waves as I sat at the edge of the jetty with a glass of pineapple juice as I listened to the song Guantanamera being performed by a band from Sri Lanka named Calypso. It was a deep memory imprint of one of my usual days on Bandos Island at The Republic of Maldives.

Bandos Island Resort, Republic of Maldives
At times, even I can't imagine I spent 6 months on this tropical paradise

My band then was fortunate enough to be chosen to perform at the Sandbar in Bandos Island for a six month contract. Simce we were only performing two nights a week, we had so much time for other activities or just sit there by the beach doing nothing. We were also lucky enough to have a good boss who provided us with anything we needed giving access to almost all of Bandos Island's amenities. Aside from three buffet meals a day, we were also given access to the coffee shop. We had more fun and play than work those days, literally working only four hours a week. In Maldives I did my first parasailing, first and last scuba dive, mini-submarine ride, first wind surfing attempt and first catamaran sailing to different islands in Maldives for several hours. My band and I had so many adventures on that little island of Bandos and I'm hoping to get a chance to visit it again one of these days.

As of now, I'm unable to share my own personal photos because back then, digital photography didn't exist.. Hsha. I have to gp through my physical photo prints from way back and scan them before I could upload it here. In the meantime, I've gathered some photos online which I could use for you to see the beauty of Maldives.

Bandos Beach