Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ebeneezer's Kebab

Having worked in The Kingdom of Bahrain on and off for four years from 2004 to 2008, I've become accustomed to eating Indian, Turkish, Lebaneses, Iranian and Arabic food. I've always loved the flavor of food from these countries and even before my Bahrain stint, I would look for restaurants in the Philippines which served such kind of food. 

Upon arriving Hong Kong, I ate at almiost any Chinese restaurant wirhin the vicinity and those which I could afford. I also adored Chinese food but after awhile , my cravings for Biryani, Kebabs, Hommus and Keema began to kick in. Lucky enough, just exactly in front of my workplace is the Ebeneezer's Kebab restaurant. It's at Luard Road almost corner of Jaffe Road in Wan Chai just beside Delaney's. There's also one just odjacent the street I live at, Lockhart Road near the corner of Fenwick Street. That means I've got instant access to middle eastern cuisine anytime I wanted. . 

I eat at any of these two  branches several times alone and at times with Calay or with our good friend from Sri Lanka, trying out different food items from their menu. Through those delicious trials, now we have our favorites. 

My usual order at Ebeneezer's Kebab is their Chicken Biryani Rice with Salad priced at HK$ 46. When I'm a bit more hungry, I add some Hommus and Pita bread to my order. I also ask for a lot of fresh onions, garlic sauce, chili sauce and that green sauce which up don't know what's made up of. So judging by all those strong spice and sauce I'll be taking in, I'll be dragon breath in no time. 

Calay's choice is the chicken curry with chips (potato fries) priced at HK$47 per order. As always, she can only finish half of her ordered serving which means I could enjoy both the Biryani snd Chicken Curry. On other days when I'm not in the mood for rice, I prefer their Donar (Lamb) Kebab of which I think Ebeneezer's Kebab is most famous of. Although it is not a rice meal, trust me, by it's size it is more than enough for dinner. One order is HK$56 and is good enough for two persons is you're not that hungry. I also like the way they pack their kebabs; first is with aluminum foil all wrapped around the kebab and then another foil bag which could keep its warm temperature for a long time.

Donar (Lamb) Kebab

External Thermal Foil Bag

The Biryani at Ebeneezer's Kebab reminded me of the Biryani I used to eat at Windsor Tower Hotel in Bahrain. Far from the Biryanis in the Philipines, the taste is just authentic. Although there are a lot of food dishes from Bahrain which for me is just excellent and I just couldn't find anywhere else, I must say, the Kebabs here in Hong Kong better than the ones from Bahrain or the Philippines.

Eating at Ebeneezer's Kebab on a regular basis, I have noticed that their Chicken Curry however had some inconsistencies on the thickness of the sauce on different days. I'm not saying that it's bad, but then I'd prefer the same sauce thickness if I was to eat the same dish with some frequency. Although I say that the sauce maybe inconsistent, the taste is not, as each time I eat it I still savor every spoonful I take. 

Ebeneezer's Kebab has got branches all over Hong Kong in the areas of Wan Chai, Tsim Tsa Tsui, Gold Coast, Discovery Bay and Ngong Ping. Aside from the food items I mentioned, they also have a lot of other stuff on their menu which I know is worth every penny to try out and eat. We ate at other restaurants serving middle eastern food in Wan Chai and at Tsim Tsa Tsui  but up to now our favorite place for kind of cuisine is still Ebeneezer's Kebab. 

Click here to check out Ebeneezer's Kebab website.