Sunday, October 3, 2010

From Hong Kong to Kalibo

Back Track: Just after our gig on the 19th of September, I went straight to the airport and flew out on a Cebu Pacific airplane at 8:20am and arrived in Manila at 10:15am. Upon arrival, I had to rush out of the airport since I had a connecting flight at 12:20 pm with another airline, Zest, over at the old Philippine Domestic Airport. I had no sleep, tired and also quite anxious and excited to arrive at my final destination, the beautiful beach of Boracay Island. It was fortunate that I was able to come out early since it was a morning flight and it only took me 15 minutes or less to go to the domestic airport.

It was nice to see family again after awhile and all of them were excited like me and geared up for the beach. The whole cast were my nanay (mother) and tatay (father), my sister Kaye and her daughter Aget, my niece Odin, my son EZ and daughter KD203 and Aget's nanny Wilma. My sister Daphne and her family couldn't make it due to work and other commitments as well as my better half Calay who was left in Hong Kong. I have been to Boracay countless times and I was actually born in the province of Kalibo where Boracay is situated but still I'm thrilled each I go.

It was my first time to use Zest Airlines, and I thought since it was a new airline their planes would be small, old and not so good but I was proven wrong. The plane looked neat and well maintained and had good leg room, something I always look for in a plane because I love to slouch specially on long flights. From Manila to Kalibo, flight time is only an hour so I guess leg room didn't matter much. There were no tubes or passage hallways connecting the plane to the waiting area because from there, you just go out to the tarmac and board the plane by stairs - old school but serves its purpose!

Walking to the plane

 There they are about to board

 Arriving in Kalibo

Kalibo International Airport
In this picture left to right: Wilma, Nanay (Beth), Tatay (Dan), 
Kaye, Aget Odin, EZ and KD203 up front

At last we were at Kalibo, but still a couple of hours of land travel plus a 20 minute ferry ride away from Boracay. If we were to take the flight staright o Caticlan, there wouldn't be a need for land travel but since Kalibo was our native province, everyone wanted to see Kalibo as well.

I could smell the sea breeze already.