Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hong Kong Trains On Time

One thing that I love about Hong Kong which I'm not able to enjoy in the Philippines is their public transportation system. First and foremost, it is safe. Aside from having security personnel at key points, there are just countless of surveillance cameras which monitors everything and anything that happens within the transportation and tunnel network. The public transport network in Hong Kong also has great accessibility to almost any place in the country, and of course, it is almost always on time. You could get to almost any point in Hong Kong you want with very little worries if you'd get there on time or not. Although you can give or take a few minutes for the local buses to arrive, most of the trains are on time to the last minute.

An MTR station signboard showing how long the next train will arrive

Hong Kong's Airport Express Train

From the airplane to immigration to the train station;
you don't have to go out of the airport as everything
is accessible within a few minutes time