Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hong Kong's Underground Tunnel Network

Since I'm back in Hong Kong, I thought I'd take a break on posts about Boracay and one thing that I find remarkable and impressive is Hong Kong's underground tunnel network.

Similar to the underground tunnels made by ants as we could observe in an ant habitat or terrarium, Hong Kong's underground tunnels is a big network and very effective. One would be surprised at how many are actually underground walking from one place to another, riding the MTR (Hong Kong's subway system) or even shopping or eating. I live in Wan Chai and a lot of times when I want to go somewhere which is of walking distance I go underground. If it's a bit far the an MTR ride could be appropriate and readily available.

Hong Kong's underground tunnel network directly complements or shall I say an essential part of Hong Kong's public transportation system which is regarded by many as the best in the world. Best in the sense that it is fast, efficient, on time, affordable, safe and well structured and planned. Unlike in other countries where you have to at least put in another hour to your travel time to compensate fro delays, in Hong Kong, you could almost declare what time you will be arriving to your point of destination because of the public transportation's accuracy.

A series of tunnels, trains, elevators, escalators, stairs, stores, ticket booths, walkalators (horizontal escalator) and walkways make up Hong Kong's underground tunnel network. It connects living habitats to shopping malls, work places and other destinations directly. In a lot cases some people could just go out their apartment door ride the elevator up to the basement, walk a tunnel, ride a train and just go to a lot of places in Hong Kong without even seeing the street. To me it is an engineering marvel which I truly admire.

Underground tunnel with walkalator 
Pacific Place, going to Admiralty MTR Station

Going underground to a MTR Station
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

Pacific Place Basement 

Inter-connecting tunnels in Wan Chai which gives access to the MTR station
as well as being useful for crossing busy streets 

MTR Station 

Going deeper to a third level of the station where the trains could be boarded 

People rushing towards a train for transfer 

Another MTR Station 

Underground stores and shops 

Serve yourself automatic ticket booths for the trains