Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Island Hopping in Boracay

It was the 21st of September, Tuesday, and all of us woke up very early. I actually got up at 5 am and waited for the sun to come up as I sat by the pool of La Carmela. Sunrise could be seen at its ultimate glory on the other side of Boracay and we were situated where the sunset view is at its best. Although I did not see the sun actually come up, witnessing the break of day by the beach is an awesome experience. 

We planned to go island hopping that day so we had an early breakfast and waited for our boatman named Jun Castro to arrive at 8 am. When Jun arrived, we walked over to  Station 1 where the boats are. The boat or "banka" as it is locally called was of decent size and equipped with life vests for everybody as it is a standard safety policy with Boracay island hopping. 

 Aget and Kaye boarding the boat

It was a medium sized "banca" but had 
more than enough room for all of us

Aside from Jun, the chief boatman, he also had two assistants which is better I presume in terms of safety. Once we boarded the boat and started moving across the waters, the sea breeze rolled up my face and I instantly felt this feeling of awe and bliss. I could see  my EZ, KD and Aget smile with delight as we moved along with splashes of water hitting our bodies every now and then. I have done this several times but  for the children we were with, it was a first island hopping experience. The sea was calm, sun just right, and though it was supposed to be rainy it was a perfect day and weather to go island hopping. 

 That's KD my daughter, EZ my son and me


The whole gang, except me (happens to those who's got the camera)

For those going to Boracay, I think island hopping is a must experience. The price was also affordable at aound US$120 for a group of nine, two of which are children. The island hop consisted of the boat rental, snorkeling gear and lunch. It was a four hour package with a fee of US$12 per additional hour. The lunch was also very good. The boatmen prepared BBQ pork and chicken, Sinigang na Hipon (shrimps in tamrind soup), grilled stuffed squids, grilled fish, rice and some watermelon. We had a great family adventure. 

Check out the other sceneries below:

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's Boracay Island Resort

Mmmm... yup and water...hehe

Duh..?  Mmmm... Yes!.. More rocks and water... hahaha..
with plants also...bwahaha.. running out of captions to write..