Friday, October 22, 2010

Lunch at Jack's Terrazza Ristorante Hong Kong

Just the other day, Calay and I decided to eat at  Jack's Terrazza Ristorante again. We eat here every now and then when our craving insists. We had their special lunch promo where you'd get a starter, main course, dessert and drink for a package price which I could say is quite reasonable.

For starters, I had my favorite on Jack's menu which is Ceasar's Salad. Honestly, I've tried a lot of salads around Hong Kong and the one at  Jack's Terrazza Ristorante is my all time favorite. Of course, since there's not much difference on the taste of the vegetables they use, the real ingredient which make it special is the dressing. I like it when the dressing bites my tongue a little with its strong flavor and after that the taste becomes smoother. Vegetables are crunchy and fresh and the bacon crispy. For main course, I had their Tuna Spaghetti. This pasta dish I got was very straightforward with how it was prepared. You could distinguish the taste of the ingredients very clearly. It was pasta cooked just right, virgin olive oil, bell pepper, garlic, ground black pepper and some fresh tomatoes. I did not guess on any secret ingredient that I didn't know. It was simple and direct but I think the secret was how those basic ingredients tasted so good together.

Pasta cooked perfectly, with bell pepper and tomatoes

Calay also had Ceasar's Salad for starters but she preferred "Beef Curry with Mashed Potatoes" for her main course. The curry sauce was thick and had that authentic string Indian Curry flavor. The beef was well cooked and soft with the curry flavor dominating the taste of the beef fibers. It was supposed to be served with rice but the of Jack's Terrazza Ristorante staff was kind enough to replace it with mashed potato upon Calay's request. There were vegetables on the side as well. Good thing Calay doesn't eat much, I had to chance to finish half of her share.. hehehe...

Beef Curry

I had Cappuccino for my drink and Calay's was Lemon Iced Tea. For dessert, mine was Tiramisu cake and Calay's was a bowl of mixed fruits. Jack's Terrazza Ristorante is always a great choice. Our total bill was  HK$180, not bad and it was all worth it because we had great meal!

Check out the official website of Jack's Terrazza Ristorante.

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Jack's Terrazza Ristorante in Hong Kong
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