Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lunch at Magic Island

Just 15 minutes by boat from Boracay is the Magic Island. During our island hopping trip, after the Puka Beach and snorkeling we headed off to our next stop, the Magic Island. Like the surrounding waters of Boracay, the waters were crsytal clear but it had only a few meters of beach and only a few steps away from the island it was around 6 feet deep or more already unlike in Boracay where you could walk for hundreds of meters and the water is still only up to your waist (good for me..hehe). 

KD203 and me

EZ, me and KD203 under a cottage by a cliff

KD203 strikes a pose

When we got down, our boatmen brought our raw food to a make-shift kitchen on Magic Island where they cooked it. We had Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimps in Sour Soup), grilled pork and chicken, grilled stuffed squid, grilled fish and for fruits some watermelons and bananas. Coke with ice was the perfect drink (for me). It was  an experience having lunch over at that cottage by a small cliff overlooking the sea at Magic Island in Aklan. We ate with our bare hands and the food was fresh and as good as it could be. While we were eating, we could hear splashes of water as it hits the bottom of the cliff and since the weather was also good that day, we could see everything so clear. During our boat trip going to Magic Island, we encountered some waves which made the trip a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes, but once we settled at that cottage and started on the feast, it was well worth it.

 The cottage where we ate and rested

The eating squad

I'm missing again on this photo... huhu

Food was almost done with by the time I took photos (I forgot again!!!)

Odin and KD203 enjoying the make-shift swing


My niece Aget with her nanny Wilma