Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lunch at Talipapa, Boracay Island

After a good buffet dinner on the beach in Boracay, almost all of us went straight to bed and had a good rest. I actually didn't seep for two days and I traveled from Hong Kong to Manila to Kalibo to Caticlan to Boracay so I was literally wiped out.

We woke up very early the next day at around 5:30 am, the time I usually go sleep when I'm in Hong Kong. It was something I haven't experienced in awhile, actually waking up at the break of dawn instead of hitting the bed when the sun is up. We ate a good buffet breakfast at La Carmela and though it was pretty basic, we had a good meal. As always, I had lots of coffee.

We were all pretty excited to go to Talipapa Boracay for lunch. Talipapa is a Filipino word for small marketplace. I asked my parents to choose which type of food we should have and since my father knew the native language, I figured we'd get a good deal. At the Talipapa, people usually buy their food fresh and raw from stalls in the middle of Talipapa and asks any of the surrounding restaurants to do a cooking service which usually costs P100 per kilo of any food item. We got some shrimps, blue marlin, chicken and pork for the children who did not fancy seafoods. We bought rice and drinks from the small restaurant and asked them to cook the seafoods. The freshness and taste was just heavenly!

Similar to Dampa in Manila and other seafood markets in Manila, the Talipapa at Boracay Island is an experience one should not miss.

 Eating time at last.... again

 Tinola --  click here to go to Wiki link for food description

 My mother had to have her mangoes and insisted that mangoes from 
Aklan tasted better than the ones from Manila, I think she was right

Tasty, juicy, mouth-watering and simply delicious freshly caught prawns cooked just right 

Grilled Blue Marlin, my Father's choice

 The eating squad

 Aget tries to do things on her own

The seafood market where you can buy your raw 
and fresh seafoods to be cooked