Monday, October 18, 2010

Mang Inasal : Eating on a Budget in Boracay

Although in most cases quality comes with a price, I think this is not so with restaurants or food. When in Boracay Island in the Philippines and you are eating on a budget, there are a lot of alternatives to choose from and one of my favorite restaurants to go to is Mang Inasal. Their main specialty is their Chicken Inasal which arguably might be the country's best tasting chicken barbeque. Mang Inasal also serves unlimited rice to some of their packages namely the Paborito Meals. The smell of their BBQ alone is enough to make one crave to have it.

Mang Inasal Menu

Paborito Meals
PM 1: Paa with rice (Leg and thigh) Unlimited rice + 12oz Pepsi = PhP 89.00
PM 2: Pecho with rice (Breast and wing) Unlimited rice + 12oz Pepsi = PhP 94.00
PM 3: 2 pcs. Pork inasal with rice Unlimited rice + 12oz Pepsi = PhP 94.00

Sulit Meals
SM 1: 1 pc. Leg with rice = PhP 49.00
SM 2: 1 pc. Thigh with rice = PhP 49.00
SM 3: 1 pc. Pork inasal with rice = PhP 49.00

Pinoy Almusal
PA 1: Tapsilog = PhP 58.00
PA 2: Tosilog = PhP 58.00
PA 3: Longsilog = PhP58.00

Other Menu Items
Bangus Sinigang = PhP  48.00
Beef Sinigang = PhP 52.00
Boneless Sangus = PhP 145.00
Bangus Sisig = PhP 155.00
Pork Sisig = PhP 135.00
Pinoy Burger = PhP 25.00
Pinoy Burger + Pepsi = PhP 30.00
Pinoy Burger + Kamote Fries +Pepsi = PhP 45.00
Krispy Kangkong = PhP 18.00
Pinoy Spaghetti = PhP 35.00
Kamote Fries = PhP 20.00

Halo-halo Jumbo = PhP 59.00
Halo-halo Regular = PhP 39.00
Halo-halo + Ice Cream Jumbo = PhP 74.00
Halo-halo + Ice Cream Regular
 = PhP 54.00

As you can see, Mang Inasal's prices are very affordable. Compared to most restaurants in Boracay, their prices is almost 50% lesser. Although affordable or cheap, the quality and taste is certainly top class. When going to Boracay for vacation or when I'm there to perform for say a month or so, I love to go around different places and I love to eat, but eating at the restaurants on the island just to try out a thing or two may become expensive. So when I'm tightening up on my wallet and eating on a budget but still want quality food, Mang Inasal is the place. In Boracay, Mang Inasal is situated at D Mall and at the D Talipapa. Although Inasal or BBQ is their main thing, other food items on their menu are worth trying as well.

At the moment, I am in Hong Kong and just writing about Mang Inasal and seeing these pictures has got my appetite running wild, problem is, they don't have any branch here in Hong Kong, yet. So there you have it for eating on a budget in Boracay, although there are other options, my top suggestion, Mang Inasal!

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