Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Market in Hong Kong

Most people refer to Hong Kong as the shopping capital of the world, arguably, maybe it is. When people visit Hong Kong, aside from going to places like Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak and other famous tourist destinations, people expect to go on a shopping spree. 

One famous shopping destinatipn in Hong Kong is the so called "Night Market" which is situated at Temple Street in Jordan. The night market is the street itself and instead of cars on the road, there are stalls on both sides which sells diverse types of items. From clothes, bags, gift items, toys, electronics, decors and others, the variety is immense. Aside from these stalls, there are also seafood resraurants at almost every street corner of the night market that serves freshly cooked seafoods (you can read my other post Seafoods at Temple Street).

Although one would think that buying at Hong Kong's night market is cheap, choosing items and bargaining should be taken with care. From the initial price given to you, asking the vendor to lower it at 50% is the norm and maybe you might close the deal at 20-30% off. Although there are a lot of quality and good items to purchase there are also cheap immitations which you should be wary of. At times these itens looks exactly like real thing but upon usage you'll discover that quality comes with a price. I myself have fallen victim several times though I must say that I've had replicas which looked and performed as well as the original. 

I think by rough estimate, Hong Kong's night market at Temple Street is about one kilometer long. If you will walk through it scanning the items from the stalls it might take you about an hour and a half, when I'm shopping or window shopping with Calay it take three hours (you know how women are when shopping.. Hehe, no offense meant).

Since we are in Hong Kong to work and not to shop like tourists, we limit our visits to the night market to once a month. We just go to buy some clothes to add to our wardrobe and maybe a few things which we could send home to families. 

Though a lot would argue that shopping in China and Thailand is a lot cheaper and I would definitely agree but I think taking time to shop or just look around Hong Kong's night market is a must experience.

Location of Temple Street in Jordan Hong Kong

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