Sunday, October 17, 2010

Puka Beach Boracay

When I went island hopping in Boracay with my family just this September, our first stop was at the Puka Beach Some spell it Puca with a C and some Puka with a K, this detail I still have to check. 

The Puka Beach is located at the other side (north) of Boracay Island  where there are no resorts, stores and busy establishments. I think it is here that one will be able to see and experience the true beauty and nature of Boracay at its best. 

I'm here!

You could go to the Puka Beach either by land via a rough road which takes around 20 minutes or by boat which we took for about 15 minutes. I'd alwayd prefer going by boar since the sight of the Puka Beach as your boat approaches is just an amazing experience on its own. Getting down your boat and getting wet is equally thrilling. There was no hesitation, once the boat stopped almost everybody jumped to the waters. 

On our way to Puka Beach by boat

I think Puka Beach has the most clear beach water I've seen around the island or maybe anywhere I've been too including a comparision with Maldives. Aside from clear waters, Puka Beach is famous for the Puka Shells which is usually scattered around mixed with the fine powder white sand. Believe me, sand over there might the the finest you'll ever see and I don't think sand could go more finer than that. 

My father jumps in Puka Beach's clear water

When you go to Puka Beach by land and you start off from the rough road and there are more shells on the beach and sand is a bit coarse. As you go along going to the edge of the beach line, the sand becomes finer and finer as if there is a natural filter segragating which type of sand or shell goes where. The further you go, the finer the sand.

Aget plays on white sand

Puka Shells

Unlike areas of Station 1, 2 and 3 in Boracay, the Puka Beach is uncongested and not riddled with bars, hotels, stores and the likes.  Puka Beach is natural, clean, serene and pure which make it one of the best beaches in the world. 

My sister Kaye and Aget on the foreground

Odin's glad to have landed

That's me KD203 and EZ enjoying the waters