Friday, October 15, 2010

Snorkeling in Boracay

During our island hopping tour, our boat made its first stop on the waters just between Boracay Island and Crystal Cove Island. It was said to be a good snorkeling area. Although the waters were quite calm when we left, over at the snorkeling area it was a bit active. I'm not a very good swimmer so I kind of hesitated to jump in at first. I was surprised that my daughter KD was getting geared and anxious to dive in. Not everybody wanted to join so it was on EZ, KD Odin and me in the waters.

Odin getting ready to go in

Since it was officially rainy or wet season in the Philippines during these months, the waves made it a bit hard to keep steady as occasionally water would go in the snorkel. As always, seeing marine life and the corals below is such a sight. My only regret is that I forgot to bring our waterproof camera so I wasn't able to take pictures underwater. And if ever your snorkeling in Boracay and you suddenly become thirsty, no worries because there's a vendor on a surfboard paddling along selling fresh buko (coconut). You can buy coconuts at 3 pieces per 100 pesos or US$2.50. Last time I went snorkeling there was also a vendor on surfboard selling ice cream.

The floating coconut vendor