Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awesome Boracay Sunsets

Only just a month ago I was in Boracay but I miss it already. Ardie Lopez, a good friend of mine, posted on Facebook some stunning pictures he took of sunsets in Boracay during his visit just a few days ago which made me want to go back there even more. I also posted some sunset pictures earlier on this blog but they were a far cry from these photos by Ardie which he was willing to share.

Aside from being an outstanding photographer, jingle-writer and musician, Ardie Lopez is the producer and host of the TV Show Auto Extreme and the Creative Director/President of Sound Idea Communications amongst other things. A big "thank you" to Ardie for letting me use these pictures!

Ardie Lopez

You can see more of his breathtaking pictures at .

Visit and "like" the Auto Extreme page on Facebook.

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