Sunday, January 16, 2011

BBQ Days at Tai Po

For some unknown reason I was unable to write or post about anything for quite awhile. Got so busy, weather got too cold, bad connection, holidays... well just a few of my lame excuses...hahaha..

Anyway, here I go again. Just first week of January right after new year, a good friend of ours flew back to North Carolina, USA for good. We've known Michael only for about a year here in Hong Kong but it was more than enough to know what a wonderful person he is and how much he meant to us. During his last day of visit to our gig we tried hard not look at him while on stage... tried hard not say meaningful goodbyes as we all knew it would just hurt us all and maybe put us in tears and ruin our "rock star image"...hahaha... Honestly, it's hard to say goodbye to someone as special as him. Planet Earth Special is about the beautiful things in life... but I guess not just places, food and things...but beautiful people as well. This post is just to share our simple BBQ Mondays with Michael and some of the times we spent with him which were nothing but good moments in time. This one is for you Mike.