Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Day at Sea World in Shekou China

It was still winter in Hong Kong when Calay and I decided to head off for Sea World at Shekou, Shenzhen, China. Most say it was one of the coldest and longest winters in Hong Kong ever. We knew that although Shekou is just an hour away, it would be colder there as we experienced when we went to Luohu, Shenzhen last year's winter. We attended to our Chinese visas the earlier week and got them fast with no problems.

There were different ways to go to Shekou but it was our first time so we took the easiest, by ferry. We headed off to the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal situated at Sheung Wan which is just a twenty dollar taxi ride from Wan Chai where we lived. We hurriedly went up the ticket station to catch the 7:45 ferry departure. Ticket station opens at 7:15 am and a one-way ticket to Shekou costs HKD110 each for the regular and HKD160 for first class. It was our first time to go to Shekou so we too the first class, and also because the difference was not really that big amount. Upon exiting Hong Kong immigration, we had to go through a series of hallways, stairs and elevators to get to the craft and wait just a few more minutes before boarding.

Calay on standby

at the ticket booth

at the dock

The ferry ride was only about an hour and although the craft was a bit shaky on the waves the first few minutes of the journey, once it got its bearing it was fast and stable. We were actually the only ones inside the first class cabin which was upstairs so it seemed as if we were VIPs who hired the whole boat...hahaha ... well at least, I'd like to think of it that way. Ah yes... they also served us a big bottle of Coke.

Calay inside the ferry

There were very few people inside the ferry so when we arrived at the Shekou port, it did not take up much time to enter China. Although the immigration officers did not speak much English, they were very kind and we were attended to swiftly. Upon getting off the ferry from Hong Kong, were out the street of Shekou in less than ten minutes.

Now came the hard part... taking a Taxi! I should have listened to our Chinese friends that we should arm ourselves with important Chinese words or sentences such as riding a taxi and saying where to go. After our fifth attempt to communicate a taxi driver, we found one who spoke English and understood that we needed to go to Sea World, which was only a few minutes away. It was a very short taxi ride which we paid RMB12 only. 

A new stadium we saw during our taxi ride... interesting design

At last, we were at Sea World and dropped off in front of Dunkin' Donuts! Yes, just in time for breakfast. Dunkin' Donuts has no branch in Hong Kong and I just miss it, specially my favorite - Boston Creme. Calay had no choice but to sit with me and eat a donut as well though she did not fancy it as much as I did.

I just love how Sea World looked! Brick roads, old buildings, classic designs, trees, nice bars and restaurants! Check out the pictures.