Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Modern Toilet Resto in Mongkok

It's quite funny how we found out about this interesting and a bit weird restaurant in Hong Kong. When we were just a few months in Hong Kong, Calay and I usually roamed the streets looking for best deals and bargains. On one particular day, we were at Mongkok's street market and around the neighboring streets when unfortunately I found the sudden urge to look for a toilet. Calay and I walked and walked without any direction in mind, all I wanted to see was any establishment with a clean toilet. Then there it was, we saw the big sign "Modern Toilet"!??

We hurriedly went to the building, and we got there we saw that Modern Toilet was the name the restaurant. Before anything else, I did what I had to do while Calay waited. When I was done and capable enough to think clearly. I saw that we were inside a restaurant with a toilet theme. Modern Toilet served their dishes in urinal bowl shaped type dishes and the ice cream was made to look like "pooh" heard it right. The seats were also made from toilet bowls and inside the resto, the design were all toilet oriented.

Calay's massive ice cream order... 
in an unusually 'appetizing" shape

There were a considerable amount of people inside, most of whom are taking pictures like us. We ordered Spaghetti and Ice Cream. It did not bother me much to see that the ice cream was shaped like something I just "deposited" inside the real toilet. i found it cute actually...hahaha... 

Honestly, because of Modern Toilet Resto's design and concept, I totally forgot about how the food tasted!! ...but then.... does it really matter??? .. We had good time and it was memorable, not to mention, Modern Toilet also provided for my urgent need.... hehe

Location of Modern Toilet (3/F, MPM Building, 240-244 Portland Road, Mongkok, 2308 1166)