Just call me Denzio. I'm the author/creator of Planet Earth Special. I am a travelling musician, sound designer and events specialist by profession. Due to the nature of my work, I have traveled many places in the Philippines and other countries as well to perform. I love music, art, traveling, experiencing different cultures, people, life in general and I also love to write.

Planet Earth Special is my way of keeping track of the places I've been to, what I've done and moments with special people in my life such as family and friends. Hopefully, I'll be able to share those experiences with other people from all over too and just maybe some will find the information useful.

Along with me on this blogging journey is Calay (or Pia), my partner in work and life, my loved one and my best friend and at times my family. Like me, Calay is an artist as well and loves the beautiful things the world has to offer.

Well that's about it about us. Hope you find interesting topics to read on Planet Earth Special.

Cheers !


Calay and Me


Me (Denzio)